Pan Asian Boxing Association

The Pan Asian Boxing Association also known as PABA is an organisation for professional boxing in the Central Asia, Oceania, Pan Pacific, Eurasia and Southeast and Far East nations. It was formed in 1995 and is headquartered in Seoul.

Pan Asian Boxing Association
AffiliationWorld Boxing Association
HeadquartersSeoul, Korea
LocationSeoul, South Korea
PresidentRahul Mehendiratta
Operating incomeTitle match sanction fee
ReplacedWBA Oceania
Closure date2018
Official website
South Korea


Since its inception in 1995 there have been over 800 sanctioned championship matches.[1] Twenty two PABA champions have eventually been crowned as WBA world champions in their respective division, whilst PABA has assisted 37 PABA champions' challenge to the WBA world title.[1] In March 2016, WBA voted at their annual convention to have WBA Oceania title to be the exclusive regional title for the Asia Pacific. Due to this, WBA discontinued their relationship with PABA. PABA created their own sanctioning body called the World Boxing Society.[citation needed] In 2018, PABA and their new sanctioning body WBS disbanded.

Members and affiliatesEdit

PABA have 31 Regular Member Nations and 11 Associate Member Nations.

Regular membersEdit

  • Russian Federation Professional Boxing Federation
  • Kazakhstan Professional Boxing Federation
  • Kyrgyzstan Professional Boxing Federation
  • Mongolia Boxing Commission
  • Turkmenistan Professional Boxing Union
  • China Boxing Association
  • Uzbekistan Boxing Federation
  • New Zealand Professional Boxing Association
  • New Zealand National Boxing Federation
  • Tajikistan Professional Boxing Federation
  • Thailand Boxing Commission
  • Indonesia Board of Supervisory & Control for Professional Sports
  • Australian National Boxing Federation
  • Nepal Professional Boxing Commission
  • Belarusian Professional Boxing Association
  • Ukraine Professional Boxing League
  • New Caledonia Boxing League
  • Philippines Game and Amusements Board
  • Tahiti (France) Polinesian Boxing Federation
  • Fiji Boxing Association
  • Moldova Boxing Federation
  • DPR (Democratic People's Republic) of Korea Pro Boxing Association
  • Tonga Boxing Association
  • Papua New Guinea Boxing Association
  • Samoa Boxing Association
  • Armenia Professional Boxing Federation
  • Indian Professional Boxing Association
  • Macau Boxing Association
  • Dutch (Netherlands) Professional Boxing Federation
  • Korea Boxing Commission
  • Romania Professional Boxing Council
  • Czech Republic Professional Boxing Federation

Associate membersEdit


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