Pamisos (river)

The Pamisos (Greek: Πάμισος, Latin: Pamisus[1]) is the largest river of the Messenia regional unit of the southern Peloponnese in Greece. It is 44 km (27 mi) long, and its drainage area is 568 km2 (219 sq mi).[2] Its source is on the western slopes of the Taygetus mountains,[3] near the village Agios Floros. It runs through the municipal units of Arfara, Ithomi, Androusa, Aris, Messini, Thouria and Kalamata. It flows into the Messenian Gulf east of Messini and west of Kalamata.

Pamisos River - Lower Messenia (1912).jpg
Pamisos river in 1912
Native nameΠάμισος  (Greek)
Physical characteristics
 • locationTaygetus mountains
 • location
Messenian Gulf
 • coordinates
37°1′13″N 22°1′12″E / 37.02028°N 22.02000°E / 37.02028; 22.02000Coordinates: 37°1′13″N 22°1′12″E / 37.02028°N 22.02000°E / 37.02028; 22.02000
Length44 km (27 mi)
Basin size568 km2 (219 sq mi)


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