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Pamela McCorduck (born 1940) is an American author of books about the history and philosophical significance of artificial intelligence, the future of engineering, and the role of women and technology. She is also the author of three novels. She is a contributor to Omni, The New York Times, Daedalus, the Michigan Quarterly Review and is a contributing editor of Wired. She is a former vice president of the PEN American Center. She was married to computer scientist and academic Joseph F. Traub.[1]

Pamela McCorduck
Born1940 (age 78–79)
Liverpool, England[citation needed]
OccupationNon-fiction writer, journalist
Notable worksMachines Who Think (1979, 2004)
The Fifth Generation (1983) (with Edward Feigenbaum)
SpouseJoseph F. Traub

Selected worksEdit

  • Machines Who Think (1st ed.). W. H. Freeman. 1979.
  • The Universal Machine: Confessions of a Technological Optimist. San Diego: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich. 1986. ISBN 0-15-692873-6.
  • AARON's Code : Meta-art, Artificial Intelligence, and the work of Harold Cohen. New York: W.H. Freeman. 1997. ISBN 0-7167-2173-2.
  • Machines Who Think: A Personal Inquiry into the History and Prospects of Artificial Intelligence (2nd ed.). Natick, Mass.: A.K. Peters. 2004. ISBN 1-56881-205-1.
  • The Edge of Chaos : a novel. Santa Fe: Sunstone Press. 2007. ISBN 0-86534-578-3.
  • Bounded Rationality : a novel. Santa Fe: Sunstone Press. 2012. ISBN 0-86534-883-9.
With Edward Feigenbaum
With Nancy Ramsey



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