Palestine Pilgrims' Text Society

The Palestine Pilgrims' Text Society (PPTS) was a text publication society based in London, which specialised in publishing editions and translations of medieval texts relevant to the history of pilgrimage to the Holy Land. Particular attention was given to accounts by pilgrims and other travelers containing geographical or topographical information, as well as those which discussed the manners and customs of the Holy Land. The original narratives were written in a variety of languages, including Greek, Latin, Arabic, Hebrew, Old French, Russian, and German.

The Society first started publishing its work in 1884, and continued for eleven years, publishing a total of twelve volumes. In 1896, these works were transferred to the Palestine Exploration Fund, for distribution to the members of the PPTS.[1]

The editions remain valuable and are frequently cited in scholarly works. A version is also available as The library of the Palestine Pilgrims' Text Society.[2]

Certain well-known pilgrimages included are those of: Jacques de Vitry, Saint Jerome's Pilgrimage of the Holy Paula, Mukaddasi's description of Syria, and the Itinerarium Burdigalense.


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