Palazzo Chigi of Ariccia

The Palazzo Chigi of Ariccia was the ducal palace of the Chigi family located in the center of the town of Ariccia, near Rome, Italy.

Palazzo Chigi

Originally a 15th-century palace of the Savelli family stood at the site, it was rebuilt during 1664 to 1672, in a Baroque style by the Chigi Family. The work was a collaboration between Gian Lorenzo Bernini and his pupil Carlo Fontana. The sober exterior does not reflect the highly decorated interiors. The palace and park were ceded to the Commune in 1988 by the prince Agostino Chigi Albani della Rovere, and now served as a host of exhibitions and events. It hosts the Museo del Barocco Romano encompassed by some of the remaining Chigi family collections. These include the following paintings:

The park contains Roman spolia and the remains of buildings used as part of a hunting preserve.[1]


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Coordinates: 41°43′18″N 12°40′20″E / 41.72154°N 12.67222°E / 41.72154; 12.67222