Palacio de la Prensa

The Palacio de la Prensa is a brick-clad building in Madrid, Spain.

Palacio de la Prensa
Gran Vía -Palacio de la Prensa.(Madrid).jpg
General information
LocationGran Vía 46, Madrid, Spain
Coordinates40°25′13″N 3°42′21″W / 40.42028°N 3.70583°W / 40.42028; -3.70583Coordinates: 40°25′13″N 3°42′21″W / 40.42028°N 3.70583°W / 40.42028; -3.70583
Construction started11 July 1925
Opening7 April 1930
Roof58 metres (190 ft)
Technical details
Floor count16
Design and construction
ArchitectPedro Muguruza

History and descriptionEdit

It is located in the Gran Vía, near the Callao Square, in the Universidad neighborhood.

Commissioned by the Madrid Press Association (APM) to serve as corporative headquarters,[1] the building's project was authored by Pedro Muguruza. The first sketches date from 1924.[2] It was intended to provide a mixed use, including apartments for rent, offices, a movie theatre (ultimately located in the northern end of the plot) and a concert hall.[3] The three different volumes the building features convey this circumstance. The 16-floor southern tower rises to a height of 58 metres.[1]

Buildings works started on 11 July 1925.[3]

Works finished by 1929.[4] The building opened on 2 January 1930 with a projection of The Way of All Flesh,[3] although it was formally inaugurated on 7 April 1930.[1] After mortgaging the building because of huge debts accumulated during the Francoist dictatorship, the APM decided to move its headquarters to a small palace in the Salamanca district for free.[5] Two floors of the building hosted the headquarters of the regional branch of the PSOE from 2009 to 2015.[6]

It was declared Bien de Interés Patrimonial ("Good of Patrimonial Interest", BIP) by the regional government in 2017.[1]


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