Palace Barracks, Holywood is a British Army installation in Holywood, County Down, Northern Ireland.

Palace Barracks
Palace Barracks
Palace Barracks is located in Northern Ireland
Palace Barracks
Palace Barracks
Location within Northern Ireland
Coordinates54°37′25″N 05°48′50″W / 54.62361°N 5.81389°W / 54.62361; -5.81389
Site information
OwnerMinistry of Defence
Operator British Army
Site history
In use1886 – present
Garrison information
Occupants1st Battalion, Ranger Regiment

History Edit

Palace Barracks occupies the site of a palatial house known as "Ardtullagh", the home of the Bishop of Down, Connor and Dromore until it was bought by the UK War Office in 1886.[1]

In 1933, five children of Lance Corporal Harry Poole and his wife, Mary, lost their lives from asphyxiation following gas poisoning in the married quarters of the barracks.[2]

During the roughly three decades of "The Troubles" in Northern Ireland, the barracks served as the home base for battalions rotating through the province, especially those on a two-year "accompanied" tour with their families. A wide variety of facilities are available for soldiers to use off duty, including a swimming pool, squash courts, saunas, bars and a gymnasium.[3]

Palace Barracks became the Regimental Headquarters of the Royal Irish Regiment in 2008.[4]

In March 2010, it was the site of a bombing.[5] An elderly man was blown off his feet and had to be treated in hospital. The bomb was allegedly driven towards the base in a hijacked taxi.[6] The Real IRA claimed responsibility for the attack.[7]

In 2014, it became the base for the Royal Scots Borderers, 1st Battalion, The Royal Regiment of Scotland.[8]

Current units Edit

Current units stationed at the camp include:

British Army Edit

Royal Navy Edit

Security Service Edit

  • Northern Ireland Headquarters[14]

Palace Barracks is the declared headquarters of the MI5 for their investigations into Northern Ireland-related terrorism.[15]

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