Pakistan Tennis Federation

Pakistan Tennis Federation (PTF) is the governing body of tennis in Pakistan. It has played a vital role in the development of domestic, national and international tennis in Pakistan, producing a number of young talented players. It also governs teams such as the Pakistan Fed Cup team and the Pakistan Davis Cup team.[1][2]

Pakistan Tennis Federation
Pakistan Tennis Federation Logo.png
Founded1947 (1947)
AffiliationInternational Tennis Federation
Regional affiliationAsian Tennis Federation
LocationPTF Tennis Complex
Official website


In 1947, the All Pakistan Lawn Tennis Association was formed after Pakistan gained independence from the United Kingdom. The Association later changed its name to the Pakistan Tennis Federation. [3]

International and national affiliationsEdit

Affiliated UnitsEdit

The following bodies are affiliated with the Federation:[8]

  • Sindh Tennis Association
  • Punjab Lawn Tennis Association
  • Islamabad Tennis Association
  • Balochistan Tennis Association
  • Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Tennis Association
  • Pakistan Senior Tennis Association
  • Higher Education Commission
  • Pakistan Air Force
  • Pakistan NAVY
  • Pakistan Army
  • Pakistan International airline
  • Pakistan Ordinance Factory
  • International Club of Pakistan
  • Pakistan Railways


The head office is located at the Pakistan Tennis Federation Complex, Garden Avenue, Islamabad.[9]

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