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Pak Sarzameen Party (Urdu: پاک سر زمین پارٹی‎) is a Pakistani political party founded by Syed Mustafa Kamal (former mayor of Karachi) and Anis Kaimkhani on 23 March 2016. The finance secretary of Pak Sarzameen Party is Humayun Usman.

Pak Sarzameen Party
PresidentAnis Kaimkhani
ChairmanSyed Mustafa Kamal
General SecretaryRaza Haroon
SpokespersonIftikhar Alam
Senior Vice ChairmanAnis Khan
Vice ChairmanAshfaq Mangi
FounderSyed Mustafa Kamal
Founded23 March 2016
HeadquartersHouse no. 44 L Razi Road Block 6, PECHS, Shahrah-e-Faisal, Karachi
IdeologyIslamic democracy[citation needed]
Colors         Green, White
Election symbol
Party flag
Pak Sarzameen Party election flag logo.png



The party was founded on 3 March 2016. Syed Mustafa Kamal conducted a press conference with Anis Kaimkhani, party president, after they flew back into Karachi from Dubai earlier that day. He announced his new political party without revealing the new name of the party.[1] Later the party was joined by former MQM members Raza Haroon, Dr. Sagheer Ahmed, Waseem Aftab, Advocate Anis Ahmed Khan, Aftkhar Randhawa and Iftikhar Alam and many other MNA's and MPA's.[2]

Syed Mustafa Kamal founded the party on 23rd March 2016 at a press conference in Clifton, Karachi which was also attended by its other members.[3] The party is currently led by Syed Mustafa Kamal along with other members Anis Kaimkhani (party president), Raza Haroon (secretary-general of the party), Dr. Sagheer Ahmed (senior vice-chairperson), Waseem Aftab (Vice-Chairman) Anees Khan Advocate and Iftikhar Alam (party spokesman) who all were former members of MQM.[4] Pak Sarzameen Party is financed by ISI, Pakistan Army, Sindh Rangers, and Bahria Town.[5] MQM has also accused the party for working under the patronage of Sindh Rangers in order to threaten MQM workers to join PSP or face arrest.[6][7][8]

PSP's founder Mustafa Kamal has stated that he has recovered MQM's missing persons but MQM alleges that those missing persons were arrested by paramilitary forces of Sindh Rangers.[9]

In a video leak, Minhaj Qazi who was arrested for the murder of Shahid Hamid (KESC MD) announced joining PSP in jail[10]

Former MQM MPA Ashfaq Mangi who was alleged to have RAW connections through the news aired by ARY also joined PSP in a ceremony.[11]

The PSP leader Anees Qaimkhani was arrested by Law enforcement in connection to Baldia Factory fire case,[12] he was later released on bail. PSP's founder Mustafa Kamal has also publicly declared support to Hammad Siddiqui who is also wanted in the case of Baldia Fire more over,


The Party has a published constitution. Their slogan "Azm E Pakistan" and "Arz E Pakistan" tells that PSP want to change Pakistan. It aims are for honor, justice and authority.


The election manifesto of PSP tackles numerous issues but lays the strongest emphasis on empowering local bodies to build a participatory form of democracy.

  1. Governance
  2. Economy
  3. Energy
  4. Agriculture and Food
  5. Water
  6. Education
  7. Health
  8. Terrorism
  9. Research and Transport
  10. Overseas Pakistan
  11. Police and Justice
  12. Environment and Culture

Electoral HistoryEdit

2018 ElectionsEdit

PSP did election campaigns and did many political rallys. Mustafa Kamal gave video messages to inspire people to vote to PSP. Pak Sarzameen Party failed to achieve a seat in the National Assembly as well as in the Provincial Assembly's of Pakistan.

PSP Office AttackEdit

The PSP Office Attack was on 24th December 2018. Two PSP workers were killed and many people got injured.[13] The Rescue teams came to the PSP Office and took them to the hospital. The injured were said to be in negative and critical condition.[14] After the attack Ali Raza Abidi died and Syed Mustafa Kamal said that PSP Office attack and Ali Raza Abidi attack were linked together. It turned out that they were really linked together and the biggest suspect was Altaf Hussain, who has been accused of terrorism many times.[15]


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