Pak Ngan Heung

Pak Ngan Heung (Chinese: 白銀鄉) is a village of Mui Wo, on Lantau Island, Hong Kong.

Man Mo Temple in Pak Ngan Heung in 2016.
Village square of Pak Ngan Heung in 2016.
Gate along a road to Pak Ngan Heung.


Pak Ngan Heung is a recognized village under the New Territories Small House Policy.[1]


A temple dedicated to Man Mo is located in Pak Ngan Heung. Probably built before 1901,[2] it is said to have been originally built during the reign of Wanli, emperor of the Ming dynasty (1573–1620).[3] The temple underwent a major renovation in 1960 and was rebuilt in 2001.[2] It is not a graded historic building.[4]


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