Paige (name)

Paige is a gender neutral given name. It is of Latin origin from Byzantine "Págius" (young helper / mate of young nobles), derived from the Greek "Paidion" (child). A page in medieval households was usually a young boy whose service was the first step in his training as a knight. Use may possibly indicate an ancestor who was a page.[citation needed]

Pronunciation/p/ PAYJ
Word/nameOld French
MeaningAssistant, Helper

In modern times Paige has become a given name, generally given to girls living in North America since the middle of the 20th century, but also occasionally to boys.


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  • Alonzo C. Paige (1797–1868), New York politician and judge
  • Bruce Paige (born 1948), newsreader in Brisbane, Australia
  • Calvin Paige (1848–1930), U.S. Representative from Massachusetts
  • Caroline Paige (born 1961), the first officer in the Royal Air Force to have a sex change
  • Chantelle Paige (born 1988), American singer-songwriter and actress
  • Constantin Le Paige (1852–1929), Belgian mathematician
  • David R. Paige (1844–1901), U.S. Representative from Ohio
  • Don Paige (born 1956), retired middle-distance runner from the United States
  • Elaine Paige OBE (born 1948), English singer and actress
  • Gilbert Paige (c. 1595 – 1647), Mayor of Barnstaple
  • Glenn D. Paige (born 1929), American political scientist
  • Janis Paige (born 1922), American film, musical theatre and television actress
  • Jason Paige (born 1969), American singer, writer and producer, and stage, film, and television actor
  • Jean Paige (1895–1990), American film actress of the silent era
  • Jennifer Paige (born 1973), American singer-songwriter
  • Kathleen Paige, American Program Director of Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense
  • Kevin Paige (born 1966), recording artist on Chrysalis
  • Kobra Paige (born 1988), lead vocalist for Canadian heavy metal band Kobra and the Lotus]
  • Kymberly Paige (born 1961), American model and actress
  • Mabel Paige (1880–1954), American film actress
  • Mabeth Hurd Paige (1869–1961), Minnesota politician
  • Marcus Paige, American college basketball player
  • Mitchell Paige (1918–2003), recipient of the Medal of Honor from World War II
  • Pat Paige (1882–1939), Major League Baseball pitcher
  • Peter Paige (born 1969), American actor, director, and screenwriter
  • Richard G. L. Paige (1846-1904), one of the first African-Americans delegates to be elected in Virginia
  • Robert Paige (1911–1987), actor, TV newscaster and political correspondent
  • Robin Paige, pen name of Susan Wittig Albert (born 1940), American mystery writer
  • Rod Paige (born 1933), 7th United States Secretary of Education from 2001 to 2005
  • Satchel Paige (1906–1982), American baseball player
  • Seneca Paige (1788–1856), American-born businessman and political figure in Canada East
  • Stephone Paige (born 1961), former professional American football player
  • Tarah Paige (born 1982), American gymnast, dancer and actress
  • Tony Paige (born 1962), former professional American football player
  • Tony Paige (boxing) (born 1953), American radio talk show host and boxing color analyst
  • Woody Paige (born 1946), American sports columnist
  • Yasmin Paige (born 1991), English actress

Fictional charactersEdit

  • Paige Dineen, in the television series Scorpion
  • Paige Fox, in the FoxTrot comic
  • Paige Guthrie, member of Marvel Comics team the X-Men
  • Paige Logan, antagonist in the Canadian animated series Grossology, voiced by Melissa Altro
  • Paige Matheson, lead character in the primetime serial Knots Landing; played by Nicollette Sheridan
  • Paige Matthews, lead character on the American television series Charmed; played by Rose McGowan
  • Paige Michalchuk, on the Canadian television series Degrassi: The Next Generation
  • Paige O'Malley, a supporting character in the video game series Delicious
  • Paige Smith, in the Australian television series Neighbours
  • Paige Tico, in the Star Wars film The Last Jedi

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