Pahela Falgun

Bangladeshi girls taking a selfie at a Pahela Falgun festival.

Pahela Falgun (Bengali: পহেলা ফাল্গুনPôhela Falgun or পয়লা ফাল্গুন Pôela Falgun), also known as the first day of Spring of the Bengali month Falgun, is a holiday celebrated in Bangladesh and Indian state of West Bengal[1]. The celebration was started in 1991 by students of Dhaka University's Faculty of Fine Arts.[2] The first of Falgun usually falls on 14 February of the Gregorian Calendar.[3] The holiday is also known as Basanta Utsab (Bengali: বসন্ত উৎসব; Spring Festival).


In Bengali, Pahela stands for 'first' and 'Falgun' or 'Fagun' is the eleventh month of the Bengali calendar.

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