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Padmé is a Star Wars fan film produced by Jason Ginsburg, Robert Reeves, and Kevin W. Walsh. The short was written by Walsh and directed by Reeves.

Produced byRobert Reeves Reeves
Kevin W. Walsh
Jason Ginsburg
Written byKevin W. Walsh
StarringLisa Vendette
Jason Ginsburg
Gerald Webb
Robin Johnstone
Robert Reeves
Kevin W. Walsh
Riley Rose Critchlow
Music byDanny Kastner
Evil Genius Entertainment,
Release date
  • July 1, 2008 (2008-07-01) (Comic-Con International
    Independent Film Festival)
Running time
4 minutes

The film won the George Lucas Selects Award in the 2008 Official Star Wars Fan Film Awards, co-sponsored by and Lucasfilm,[1] and aired on both Spike TV[2] and Comedy Central[3] shortly thereafter.

Robert Reeves previously won Best Comedy in the 2005 Star Wars Fan Film Awards for Cheap Seats, which he wrote, directed, and starred in.[4]



The short is a virtual shot-for-shot remake of the teaser trailer for Juno, with the roles played by Star Wars characters. The film exploits the similarities between the characters of Padmé Amidala (from the prequel trilogy) and Juno MacGuff (from Juno), two young women who find themselves unexpectedly pregnant. Both characters choose to give their children up for adoption and struggle with complex relationships with the children's fathers—Anakin Skywalker filling the role of Paulie Bleeker.

The mock trailer also showcases parodies of two songs featured in the Juno trailer:

"Anyone Else But You" by The Moldy Peaches is spoofed as "Part-Time Jedi / Full-Time Sith."

And Mott the Hoople's "All the Young Dudes" is transformed into "All Jedi Dudes."


Padmé, played by Lisa Vendette, takes on the role of Juno MacGuff.

Anakin, C-3PO, and Yoda, all played by Jason Ginsburg, represent, respectively, Paulie Bleeker, Leah (Juno's best friend), and the convenience store clerk played by Rainn Wilson. Ginsburg also appears in a non-speaking capacity as Palpatine.

Mace, played by Gerald Webb, acts as Juno's father, Mac MacGuff.

Vanessa, played by Robin Johnstone, is unique in that she is the only character who comes entirely from the Juno film with no Star Wars counterpart.

Bail, played by Robert Reeves, parallels Mark Loring, Vanessa's husband. Reeves also provided the voice of Yoda, in much the same way that James Earl Jones voiced Darth Vader in combination with the physical performance of David Prowse.

Obi-Wan, played by Kevin Walsh, represents Juno's stepmother, Bren MacGuff.

Riley Rose Critchlow rounds out the cast in the capacity of a featured player.

An R2-D2 toy also appears briefly as the nurse from Juno, projecting a hologram of Padmé's ultrasound.


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