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Padishah, Padshah, Badshah or Padişah is a title of nobility roughly meaning 'emperor' in Persian languages, primarily used for the Shahanshah of imperial Iran.

Pad(I)shah may also refer to :

Imperial/royal ruler styles
  • Sultan of the Ottoman Empire, prominent is whose long titulature in Turkish was Padişah
  • Padshah-i Hind, the main title of the 'Great Mughal', as paramount ruler of Hindustan (India)
  • Padishah Bahadur (meaning 'a rank above Padshah'), assumed by the usurper Tipu Sultan having overthrown the Maharaja of Mysore and bidding to overtake the Mugjal empire, until his defeat by the British
  • Padshah-e Awadh, assumed by the former Nawabs of Awadh (alias Oudh) when they declared it a kingdom independent of the Mughal empire
Fictional rulers
  • Padishah Emperor of the Known Universe, a title within the fictional universe of Frank Herbert`s Dune novels, the titular head of human space
  • In the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, the ruler of the Empire of Kelesh is also styled "Padishah Emperor".

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