Paddington Green Children's Hospital

The Paddington Green Children's Hospital was a hospital in Paddington Green, London, that existed from 1883 to 1987.[1] The former building is now grade II listed with Historic England.[2]

Paddington Green Children's Hospital
Paddington and North Kensington Health Authority
Paddington Green Children's Hospital
Paddington Green Children's Hospital is located in City of Westminster
Paddington Green Children's Hospital
Location within Westminster
LocationHampstead, London, England, United Kingdom
Coordinates51°31′15″N 0°10′25″W / 51.5209°N 0.1736°W / 51.5209; -0.1736
Care systemNHS England
ListsHospitals in England



The hospital was founded at Bell Street by Eustace Smith and T.C. Kirby as the North West London Free Dispensary for Sick Children in 1862.[1] It moved to Paddington Green in 1883 and was completely rebuilt and then reopened by the Duchess of Teck in 1895.[1] A new out-patients department opened in 1911.[1]

In November 1885, the hospital became the first London hospital to appoint a woman to a medical job in an open competition with men when Frances Helen Prideaux became house surgeon.[3] Prideaux contracted diphtheria soon after her appointment and helped her colleagues in their attempts to treat her but died one month after she had started her role.[4]

In 1923, Donald Winnicott obtained a paediatric post at the hospital and was to remain there for the next 40 years. He became a celebrated psychoanalyst and child analyst, member of the Object relations school, writer and broadcaster on the BBC.[5]

Margaret Leigh (pen name Jane Gordon) worked as a nurse in the hospital in the 1930s and 1940s and her memoir Married to Charles (1950) contains much information about the operation of the hospital in that time, especially during The Blitz.[6]

The hospital joined the National Health Service under the same management as St Mary's Hospital in 1948.[1] After services were transferred to St Mary's Hospital, it closed in 1987.[1]

Notable staff


Notable staff have included:


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