Pacific Junior A Hockey League

The Pacific Junior A Hockey League (PJHL) was a Canadian Junior "A" ice hockey league operating in British Columbia from 1971 until 1979.


In 1971, the league was created as a Junior "B" league by Fred Page. Page had deep roots in managing junior hockey leagues, and today there are two championship trophies named for him – the Eastern Champion Junior "A" Fred Page Cup and the BCHL Championship trophy.

Page's new league began operations in the 1971–72 season as the Pacific Coast Junior Hockey League (PCJHL), restarting a league that had briefly existed in the mid-1960s before ceasing operation in 1967 when the New Westminster Royals and the Victoria Cougars moved to the British Columbia Junior Hockey League (BCJHL, later BCHL).

Page was successful in getting the PCJHL promoted to Tier II Junior "A" for the 1973–74 season, adjusted its name to the Pacific Junior A Hockey League. Starting that season, the PJHL champion would compete with the BCJHL champion in the BC Junior "A" Championship, the Mowat Cup, with the winner moving on to what was the precursor to the Doyle Cup. The PJHL's Nor'Wes Caps won the 1976 Mowat Cup, while the PJHL's Richmond Sockeyes won the 1977 and 1979 Mowat Cups.

Page agreed to allow a merger between his PJHL and the BCJHL for the 1979–1980 season.

In five years of Junior "A" competition, after operating for only two seasons as a Junior "B" league, the PJHL defeated the more established BCJHL in three of five Mowat Cups. In competition against the Alberta Junior Hockey League champion for the Pacific region championship, the PJHL champion went 0 for 3 and never got a chance to compete for the Western Championship Abbott Cup nor the National Championship Centennial Cup.



In the chart, league champions are bolded.

Year League Champion League Runner-up
Junior B Era
1972 Nor'Wes Caps
1973 Nor'Wes Caps
Junior A Era
1975 Coquitlam Comets Surrey Stampeders
1976 Nor'Wes Caps Vancouver Jr. Canucks
1977 Richmond Sockeyes Surrey Stampeders
1978 Richmond Sockeyes Kerrisdale Couriers
1979 Richmond Sockeyes Nor'Wes Caps

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