Pacific coast

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Pacific coast may be used to reference any coastline that borders the Pacific Ocean.

Coast of the Pacific Ocean



North AmericaEdit

Countries on the western side of North America have a Pacific coast as their western or south-western border. One of the notable exceptions is Panama, where the Pacific coast is primarily on its southern border. The first Europeans to see the Pacific Ocean were able to do so by crossing the narrow Isthmus of Panama. The unique position of Panama in relation to the Pacific Ocean resulted in the ocean initially being named the South Sea.

South AmericaEdit

Only four countries in South America have a Pacific coast as a part (or all) of their border.



Countries and territories on the eastern, north-eastern, and south-eastern sides of Asia have a Pacific coast as a part (or all) of their border.


Australia's Pacific coast is on its eastern border. Except the Ashmore and Cartier Islands and the Australian Indian Ocean Territories, all the other countries and territories in Oceania have their entire border surrounded by the Pacific Ocean.

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