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Paanai Pidithaval Bhaagyasaali (English: She who has the pot is lucky) is a 1958 Indian Tamil-language comedy film produced and directed by T. S. Durairaj, starring himself, Savitri, K. Balaji, T. P. Muthulakshmi, P. S. Veerappa and V. S. Raghavan.[2]

Paanai Pidithaval Bhaagyasaali
Tamilபானை பிடித்தவள் பாக்கியசாலி
Directed byT. S. Durairaj
Produced byT. S. Durairaj
Written byGangeyan
StarringT. S. Durairaj
K. Balaji
P. S. Veerappa
Music byS. V. Venkatraman
S. Rajeswara Rao
Marakatha Pictures
Release date
  • 10 January 1958 (1958-01-10)



There is an illiterate and orphaned woman (Savithri) who was raised by her brother (Durairaj). She witnesses a thief (R. Nageswara Rao) raiding a wealthy man's house and committing two murders. He is after her. Savithri goes through numerous adventures involving various men but manages to escape all of them. She later meets a wealthy young man (Balaji) and falls in love with him. After many other incidents, she walks in helped by Durairaj and marries her lover who was originally set to marry another girl against his will.


Credits adapted from The Hindu:[2]


Paanai Pidithaval Bhaagyasaali was produced and directed by T. S. Durairaj via his studio Marakatha Pictures, and he also starred as the male lead.[1] Gangeyan was the writer. Shooting took place at many Madras studios such as Paramount, Revathi, Gemini and Majestic.[2]


The music of the film was composed by S. V. Venkatraman and S. Rajeswara Rao, with lyrics by Mahakavi Subramanya Bharathiyar, T. K. Sundara Vathiyar and Thanjai N. Ramaiah Dass. Playback singers were Sirkazhi Govindarajan, Thiruchi Loganathan, T. M. Soundararajan, Jikki, P. Suseela, T. V. Rathinam, K. Rani & G. Kasthoori.

The song "Purushan Veetil Vaazha Pora Penney" performed by Loganathan was criticised by social activists and critics for its misogynistic nature.[2]

No. Song Singers Lyrics Length (m:ss)
1 "Purushan Veetil Vaazha Pora Ponney" Thiruchi Loganathan 03:26
2 "Maancholai Thannile.... Aasai Mugam Maarinadho" Jikki 03:33
3 "Chaldhe Chaldhe Podaa" T. M. Soundararajan 02:24
4 "Thikku Theriyaadha Kaattil" Jikki Mahakavi Subramanya Bharathiyar 04:24
5 "Penne Unadhazhagai Kandu" Thiruchi Loganathan & Jikki 02:16
6 "Kannaa Vedan Engu Ponaan" Jikki 01:12
7 "Soalaikkulle Kuyilu Kunju" Sirkazhi Govindarajan & P. Suseela 03:28
8 "Ushaaru Ushaaru" K. Rani & G. Kasthoori 05:58
9 "Pachadikkettha Kichadi Sambaa" Thiruchi Loganathan & T. V. Rathinam 02:52


The Indian Express said, "In [Paanai Pidithaval Bhaagyasaali], comedian Durairaj promotes himself to a producer and a competent director. The picture designed with economy of language, quickness of action and deftness of movement, makes an impression because of the skillfully woven plot, pleasing songs and lively antics." The Hindu wrote, "Good acting combined with pleasing and dance highlight Marakatha Pictures [Paanai Pidithaval Bhaagyasaali]. [Savitri] turns in a fine performance, so does [T. S. Durairaj]."[3] According to film historian Randor Guy, the film was not successful because of the "weak" screenplay and on-screen narration, but the music was its "redeeming feature". He also praised Savitri's performance.[2]


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