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PWA Tag Team Championship (Minnesota)

The PWA Tag Team Championship was a professional wrestling tag team championship in Pro Wrestling America (PWA). It remained active until 1996 when PWA began running occasional events.

PWA Tag Team Championship
PromotionPro Wrestling America
Date establishedJanuary 15, 1985
Date retired1996

The inaugural champions were The Terminators (Riggs and Wolf), who defeated The Warlord and Teijo Khan in Anoka, Minnesota on January 15, 1985 to become the first PWA Tag Team Champions. At 609 days, The Terminators' second reign was the longest while the team's third and final reign was the shortest lasting only 2 days. With three reigns, The Terminators also held the most reigns as a tag team and individually. Overall, there were 19 reigns.

Title historyEdit

# Order in reign history
Reign The reign number for the specific set of wrestlers listed
Event The event in which the title was won
Used for vacated reigns so as not to count it as an official reign
N/A The information is not available or is unknown
+ Indicates the current reign is changing daily


# Wrestlers Reign Date Days
Location Event Notes Ref.
1 The Terminators
(Riggs and Wolf)
1 January 15, 1985 92 Anoka, Minnesota Live event Riggs and Wolf defeated The Warlord and Teijo Khan to become the first PWA Tag Team Champions; may have defeated Mad Dog Vachon and Jim Gagnon in River Falls, Wisconsin.
2 Miami Vice Defenders
(Savannah Jack and Ed Roberts)
1 April 17, 1985 176 Barron, Wisconsin Live event
3 The Terminators 2 October 10, 1985 609 Somerset, Wisconsin Live event
4 Top Guns (Ricky Rice and Derrick Dukes) 1 June 11, 1987 64 Minneapolis, Minnesota Live event [1]
5 The Terminators 3 August 14, 1987 2 Winnipeg, Manitoba Live event
6 The Fantastics (Tommy Rogers and Bobby Fulton) 1 August 16, 1987 N/A Fridley, Minnesota Live event
Vacated 1987 N/A N/A The championship is vacated when The Fantastics leave the territory.
7 Johnny Love and Tommy Ferrera 1 November 16, 1987 485 Fridley, Minnesota Live event Love and Ferrera defeated The Masked Maniacs to win the vacant title.
8 Matt and Bret Derringer 1 March 15, 1989 101 Fridley, Minnesota Live event
9 Maximum Overdrive (Hunter and Silencer) 1 June 24, 1989 450 Minneapolis, Minnesota Live event
10 The Steiner Brothers (Rick and Scott Steiner) 1 September 17, 1990 14 Atlanta, Georgia Live event This was a World Championship Wrestling television taping; match was not billed as a title bout. [2]
Vacated October 1, 1990 N/A N/A The championship is vacated when The Steiner Brothers leave the territory.
11 The Punishers (Sledge and Hammer) 1 April 11, 1991 262 Stillwater, Minnesota Live event Sledge and Hammer defeated The Wild Boys (Tim Hunt and Steve Berg) to win the vacant title.
12 Baron von Raschke and Ken Patera 1 December 29, 1991 6 St. Paul, Minnesota Live event
13 The Punishers 2 January 4, 1992 21 N/A Live event Awarded title.
14 Baron von Raschke and Brad Rheingans 1 January 25, 1992 N/A Annandale, Minnesota Live event
15 The Lightning Kid and Jerry Lynn 1 March 2, 1993 N/A Fridley, Minnesota Live event Defeated Tony Denucci and Tommy Ferrera. [3][4]
16 The Storm Troopers (Storm Trooper I and Storm Trooper II) 1 N/A (prior to June 1994) N/A N/A N/A [5]
17 Charlie Norris and Sam Houston 1 August 15, 1994 N/A Red Lake, Minnesota Live event [6][7]
18 The Storm Troopers 2 N/A (prior to August 1995) N/A N/A N/A
19 Thunderblood (Charlie Norris and Derrick Dukes) 1 N/A (prior to June 1996) N/A N/A N/A [1][6]
Deactivated 1996 N/A N/A PWA began running occasional events after 1996 and the title was eventually abandoned.

List of combined reignsEdit

<1 Indicates that the reign lasted less than one day.
Rank[N 1] Wrestler # of reigns Combined days
1 Riggs and Wolf
(The Terminator)
3 995
2 Johnny Love and Tommy Ferrera 1 485
3 Hunter and Silencer
(Maximum Overdrive)
1 450
4 Sledge and Hammer
(The Punishers)
2 273
5 Savannah Jack and Ed Roberts
(Miami Vice Defenders)
1 176
6 Matt and Bret Derringer 1 101
7 Ricky Rice and Derrick Dukes
(Top Guns)
1 64
8 Rick and Scott Steiner
(The Steiner Brothers)
1 14
9 Baron von Raschke and Ken Patera 1 6


  1. ^ Each reign is ranked highest to lowest; reigns with the same number mean that they are tied for that certain rank.


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