For a god, see Sarruma.

PU-Sarruma (PU-LUGAL-ma, mPU-Šàr-(rù)-ma, possibly representing Hišmi-Šarruma) is a conjectured pre-Empire king of the Hittites. The conjecture was forwarded by Emil Forrer and is not commonly accepted.

Other namesHišmi-Šarruma
OccupationKing of Hittites

He would have reigned around 1600 BC (short chronology).


Hišmi-Šarruma would correspond to the grandfather of Hattusili I and the father-in-law of Labarna I and true father of Papahdilmah, mentioned (but not by name) by Hattusili. Hišmi-Šarruma was also a father of Tawannanna.[2]

Virtually nothing is known of PU-Šarruma's life, who is a very shadowy figure. PU-Šarruma's sons had turned against their father, so that, while he was in the city of Šanahwitta, he named his son-in-law Labarna as his successor.[3] However, Papahdilmah still had support among the king's servants and chief officers.

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Preceded by
Tudhaliya (?)
Hittite king
ca. 1600 BC
Succeeded by
Labarna I