PROMO (Promoting Missouri) is a Missouri statewide LGBTQ advocacy and lobbying nonprofit organization. A member of the Equality Federation, it is the largest LGBTQ organization in the state.

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U.S. State of Missouri
PredecessorPeople Aligned for Change and Equality (PACE)
Privacy Rights Education Project (PREP)
Legal statusActive nonprofit corporation
PurposePromoting LGBTQ rights
HeadquartersSt. Louis
Area served
MethodsLobbying, community organizing, education, health and wellness services
Executive Director
Steph Perkins[1]
SubsidiariesPROMO PAC
AffiliationsEquality Federation
Revenue (2016)
Expenses (2016)150,545
Staff (2016)
Volunteers (2016)

So called conversion therapy is as of July 2018 still legal in Missouri and PROMO is campaigning to ban the practice when it is forced on minors.[2] PROMO, and partners such as the ACLU of Missouri and the Human Rights Campaign, work to pass a non-discrimination act in Missouri.[3] A current project PROMO supports, with MTUG, is the Transgender Memorial Garden in St. Louis. PROMO is a major supporter of St. Louis PrideFest.

What became PROMO formed in 1986 as People Aligned for Change and Equality (PACE), in response to Bowers v. Hardwick. In 1990 it was formally registered as Privacy Rights Education Project (PREP).[4] SAGE Metro St. Louis merged into PROMO in 2015.[5]

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