The PLZ-05 or the Type 05 is a 155 mm self-propelled howitzer developed by the People's Liberation Army of China to replace the Type 59-1 130mm. The PLZ-05 was officially unveiled at the Military Museum of the Chinese People's Revolution to mark the 80th anniversary of the PLA in July 2007, and first entered service with the PLA in 2008.

PLZ-05 Self-Propelled Howitzer
PLZ 05 self propelled gun.jpg
The PLZ-05 on display for the first time in 2007 at an exhibition at the Military Museum of the Chinese People's Revolution.
TypeSelf-propelled artillery
Place of originChina
Production history
Mass35 tonnes [1]
Length11.60 m
Width3.38 m
Height3.55 m

Caliber155 mm
Barrels52 caliber (PLZ-05 & PLZ-52)
54 caliber (PLZ-04)
Rate of fire10 rounds/min (PLZ-05) [2]
8 rounds/min (PLZ-52)
3 rounds in 15 seconds burst firing rate (PLZ-52)
Maximum firing rangeVaries by munition.
20km (laser-homing)
39km (ERFB-BB) [2]
53km (ERFB-BB-RA)
100km (WS-35) [3]

155 mm howitzer
12.7 mm anti-aircraft machine gun/ 2 sets of 4-barrel grenade launchers
Engine8V150-cooled turbocharged diesel
800 hp (PLZ-05) [4]
1000 hp (PLZ-52)
Suspensiontorsion bar
550 km (PLZ-05)
450 km (PLZ-52)
Maximum speed 56 km/h (PLZ-05)
65 km/h (PLZ-52)
PLZ-05 Self-Propelled Artillery


PLZ-05 / Type 05Edit

Self-propelled howitzer with a 52 caliber barrel, 800 hp diesel engine & gross weight of 35 tonnes.[4] It is deployed only with the People's Liberation Army.[1] The PLZ-05 can fire the WS-35 shell, a 40 lb (18 kg) guided munition with accuracy of 40 m (130 ft) and a max range reported to be 100 km (62 mi). It is guided using Beidou Navigation Satellite System, the Chinese version of global positioning system, and inertial guidance.[5]


The PLZ-52 is a 155mm / 52 caliber tracked self-propelled howitzer similar in appearance to the PLZ-45, but based on a slightly different hull. Having a gross vehicle weight of 43 tonnes, the PLZ-52 features a new powerpack, which consists of a diesel engine developing 1,000 hp at 2,300 rpm coupled to a fully automatic transmission. This gives a maximum road speed of up to 65 km/h and an operational range up to 450 km.[6] The PLZ-52 howitzer has a maximum firing range of 53 km (with ERFB-BB-RA projectiles), maximum firing rate of eight rounds per minute, a burst firing rate of three rounds per fifteen seconds, and a multiple-round simultaneous impact capability of four rounds.[7]

The driver and powerpack are at the front of the hull with a fully enclosed turret at the rear. It has torsion bar suspension with six dual rubber tyred road wheels, a drive sprocket at the front, idler at the rear and track return rollers. The PLZ-52 is offered for export.[6]


Self-propelled howitzer with a 54 caliber barrel and apparently offered for export.[1]


  People's Republic of China

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