Piko (stylized PIKO, pronounced "peek-oh") is a German model train brand in Europe that also exports to the United States and other parts of the world.[1][2]

Early PIKO exhibition layout


Founded in 1949, PIKO was once a state-owned enterprise in the German Democratic Republic (East Germany), supplying a share of model trains in Eastern Europe. In 1992, after the reunification of Germany, the company was purchased by PIKO Spielwaren GmbH.[2] PIKO Spielwaren GmbH was founded in April 1992 by Dr. René F. Wilfer, PIKO’s President, who had been working in the toy industry since 1986 and had previously managed a model building company.

Piko at the International Toy Fair Nuremberg 2016


PIKO manufactures more than 1,500 [3] products in various model train scales:

G-Scale: American and European-prototype weather-resistant models for indoor and outdoor use, including starter sets, locomotives, passenger and freight cars, track, buildings, controls and accessories.

HO-Scale: European-prototype models including starter sets, locomotives (most in both 2-Rail DC and 3-Rail AC versions), passenger and freight cars, track, buildings, controls and accessories.

TT-Scale: European-prototype locomotives and cars.

N-Scale: European-prototype locomotives, cars, and buildings.

Its headquarters factory in Sonneberg (Thuringia) Germany makes the G-Scale and some HO-Scale products, while its PIKO China factory in Chashan, China, makes the HO-Scale "Expert", "Hobby", "SmartControl", "SmartControlLight" and "myTrain" lines, as well as the N-Scale and TT-Scale lines.



In Germany, PIKO products are distributed from the firm's headquarters in Sonneberg to a network of retailers. In other countries, PIKO distributors and representatives perform a similar function. In America, sales and distribution to retailers is handled by PIKO America in San Diego, CA.


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