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Hydrogen bicycle

The PHB is a hydrogen bicycle, power-assisted by an electric motor that gets its electricity from a fuel cell. It is manufactured by Pearl (SPHPST.Co), unveiled at the 9th China International Exhibition on Gas Technology, Equipment and Applications in 2007.



The vehicle weighs approximately 32 kg. It uses a proton-exchange membrane fuel cell to generate about 200 Watts.

It can reach approximately 25 km/h and, on a full tank, may ride a distance of 60 to 100 kilometres. The motor is a brushless motor.[1] The bike will sell (2007) for approximately US$2500, with further prices going down to $500.[2]

As stated by the manufacturer, those who already have a bike don't need to change the original frame structure; the fuel cell can be directly integrated into the original bicycle.


600 liters of hydrogen ≥99.95% hydrogen purity in two onboard cylinders which have to be refueled at a (home) hydrogen station.

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