Płock Voivodeship (1495–1793)

Płock Voivodeship (Polish: Województwo Płockie) was a unit of administrative division and local government in the Kingdom of Poland from 1495 until the partitions of Poland in 1795. Together with the Rawa Voivodeship and Masovian Voivodeship it formed the former of Duchy of Masovia.

Płock Voivodeship
Palatinatus Plocensis
Województwo płockie
Voivodeship of Poland¹
Coat of arms of Płock
Coat of arms
RON województwo płockie map.svg
The Płock Voivodeship in
the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth in 1635.
3,591 km2 (1,386 sq mi)
• Established
25 September 1793
Political subdivisionscounties: 8, including three counties of Zawkrze Land
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Duchy of Masovia Duchy of Masovia
South Prussia
¹ Voivodeship of the Kingdom of Poland. The kingdom was part of the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth from 1569.

Zygmunt Gloger in his monumental book Historical Geography of the Lands of Old Poland gives a detailed description of Płock Voivodeship:

"After childless death of Janusz II, Duke of Łomża, Ciechanów, Wizna and Płock, which took place on February 16, 1495, the Duchy of Płock, except for the Land of Wyszogród, was incorporated into the Kingdom of Poland, and turned into a voivodeship (...) In the 16th century, it had the area of 701 square miles, divided into eight small counties: those of Płock, Bielsk, Raciaz, Sierpc, Płońsk, Szrensk, Niedzborz, and Mława. The three last counties, located between the Wkra river and Prussian border, made the so-called Zawkrze Land (...) The voivodeship had 67 Roman-Catholic parishes, 63 towns and 1,115 villages. Most densely populated was Bielsk County (...)

Local sejmiks for the voivodeship took place at Raciaz, the town located in the middle of the province. During the reign of King Stanisław II Augustus, the sejmiks were moved to Płock. The voivodeship had five senators: the Bishop of Płock, the Voivode of Płock, the Castellan of Płock, and Castellans of Raciaz and Sierpc. Land courts were located in Płock, Bielsk and Sierpc (since 1726, also in Mława)".

Municipal governmentEdit

Voivodeship Governor (Wojewoda) seat:

Regional council (sejmik) seats:

Administrative divisionEdit

Zawkrze Land, divided into the following counties



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