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Bánh patê sô

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Bánh patê sô (Vietnamese: [ɓǎɲ paː te ʂo], "hot pastry pie"), also known as Pâté chaud (French pronunciation: ​[pate ʃo]), is a Vietnamese savory puff pastry.[1] The pastry is made of a light layered and flaky exterior with a meat filling. Traditionally, the filling consists of ground pork but chicken and beef are also commonly used now. This pastry is French-inspired but is now commonly found in bakeries in both Vietnam and the diaspora, much like the Haitian patty.

Bánh patê sô
Pate Chaud.jpg
Type Pastry
Place of origin Vietnam
Main ingredients Meat (pork, chicken, or beef)
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The masculine French noun "pâté" in combination with "chaud" (hot) was the name of the "hot pie" in French colonial Vietnam. It was the same usage as in France at the time; for example, Urbain Dubois (1818-1901), in his La Cuisine classique of 1868, describes Pâté-chaud à la Marinière as a moulded meat pie.[2] However, this wording is now obsolete in modern French where a pie is designated pâtisserie, and pâté simply means "dough". The French noun pâté is grammatically masculine; the related feminine noun "pâte" lacks a final accent on é; pâtes chaudes means "hot pasta" in modern French, whereas the equivalent of today's Vietnamese bánh patê sô, puff pastry, in France is pâte feuilletée.

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