Ozren (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Ozren is a mountain in northern Bosnia and Herzegovina. It lies between cities of Doboj and Zavidovići, partly in the Federation and partly in the Republika Srpska entity.

Let vrtulnikem5 - pohori Ozren u Doboje.jpg
Highest point
Elevation918 m (3,012 ft) Edit this on Wikidata
Coordinates44°35′25″N 18°16′57″E / 44.59028°N 18.28250°E / 44.59028; 18.28250Coordinates: 44°35′25″N 18°16′57″E / 44.59028°N 18.28250°E / 44.59028; 18.28250

Ozren is rich in natural resources. It abounds in drinkable water springs surrounded by clean nature, thermal wells with healing effects, ore and mineral resources.[1] Its highest peak, Ostravica, is 918 meters high.