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Outline of drawing and drawings

The following outline is provided as an overview of and topical guide to drawing and drawings:

  • Drawing – activity of making marks on a surface so as to create some images, form or shape.
  • A drawing – product of that activity.


What types of things are drawing and drawings?Edit

Types of drawing and drawingsEdit

Story tellingEdit

Non - story tellingEdit

Drawing techniquesEdit

Types of draughtsmanEdit

Draughtsman or draftsman –

Drawing media and equipmentEdit

A medium (plural: media) is a material used by an artist to create a work.

Common drawing mediumEdit

Common bases for drawingEdit

Other drawing equipmentEdit

Principles and elements of drawingEdit

  • Composition
  • Elements of art – group of aspects of a work of art used in teaching and analysis, in combination with the principles of art. They are texture, form, line, color, value, and shape.
  • Perspective
  • Principles of art – set of guidelines of art to be considered concerning the impact of a piece of artwork, in combination with the elements of art.[1][2] They are movement, unity,harmony, variety, balance, emphasis, contrast, proportion, and pattern.

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