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The location of Tokelau
An enlargeable map of Tokelau

Tokelau is a territory of New Zealand comprising three tropical coral atolls in the South Pacific Ocean.[1] The United Nations General Assembly includes Tokelau on the United Nations list of Non-Self-Governing Territories.[2]

Until 1976 the official name was Tokelau Islands. Tokelau is sometimes referred to by Westerners by the older, colonial name of The Union Islands.

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Geography of TokelauEdit

Geography of Tokelau

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An enlargeable satellite image of Atafu Atoll in Tokelau

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Demographics of Tokelau

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Politics of Tokelau

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Foreign relations of Tokelau

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Tokelau is a member of:[1]

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Law of Tokelau

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Local government in Tokelau

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History of Tokelau

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Culture of Tokelau

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Economy of Tokelau

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Education in Tokelau

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  2. ^ "Official site for the Tokelau Council of Ongoing Government". Retrieved 4 November 2007. The basis of Tokelau's legislative, administrative and judicial systems is the Tokelau Islands Act 1948 and its amendments. (See the link "LAW") In November 1974 the administration of Tokelau was transferred from the Mäori and Island Affairs Department to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. From then until September 1980, when the Tokelau administration regulations were amended, the New Zealand Secretary of Foreign Affairs was the administrator of Tokelau. New regulations then came into force whereby the Minister of Foreign Affairs was empowered to appoint a suitable person to be the Administrator of Tokelau. The New Zealand flag is used and the anthem is God Save the Queen.

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