Outline of Kiribati

Coordinates: 1°52′25.2″N 157°25′32.8″W / 1.873667°N 157.425778°W / 1.873667; -157.425778

Location of Kiribati
An enlargeable map of the Republic of Kiribati

The following outline is provided as an overview of and topical guide to Kiribati:

Kiribatisovereign island nation located in the central equatorial Pacific Ocean.[1]

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Geography of KiribatiEdit

Geography of Kiribati

Environment of KiribatiEdit

An enlargeable satellite image of the islands of Tarawa and Maiana

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Regions of KiribatiEdit

Regions of Kiribati

Ecoregions of KiribatiEdit

List of ecoregions in Kiribati

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Demography of KiribatiEdit

Demographics of Kiribati

Government and politics of KiribatiEdit

Politics of Kiribati

Branches of the government of KiribatiEdit

Government of Kiribati

Executive branch of the government of KiribatiEdit

Legislative branch of the government of KiribatiEdit

Judicial branch of the government of KiribatiEdit

Court system of Kiribati

Foreign relations of KiribatiEdit

Foreign relations of Kiribati

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The Republic of Kiribati is a member of:[1]

Law and order in KiribatiEdit

Law of Kiribati

Military of KiribatiEdit

Military of Kiribati There is no military in Kiribati.[3]

Local government in KiribatiEdit

Local government in Kiribati

History of KiribatiEdit

History of Kiribati

Culture of KiribatiEdit

Culture of Kiribati

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Sports in KiribatiEdit

Sports in Kiribati

Economy and infrastructure of KiribatiEdit

Economy of Kiribati

Education in KiribatiEdit

Education in Kiribati

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