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The following outline is provided as an overview of and topical guide to Cairo:

Flag of Cairo


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Geography of CairoEdit

Geography of Cairo

  • Cairo is:
  • Population of Cairo: 9,153,135
  • Area of Cairo: 606 km2 (234 sq mi)

Location within Egypt
Coordinates: 30°2′40″N 31°14′9″E / 30.04444°N 31.23583°E / 30.04444; 31.23583

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Environment of CairoEdit

The Nile in Cairo. View of Gezira island
Salah Salem, a main street in Heliopolis

Natural geographic features of CairoEdit

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Ancient monuments in CairoEdit

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Cultural and exhibition centres in CairoEdit

Forts in CairoEdit

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Gates in CairoEdit

Gates of Cairo

Monuments and memorials in CairoEdit

Museums and art galleries in CairoEdit

Interior of Egyptian Museum

Museums in Cairo

Palaces and villas in CairoEdit

Interior of Al-Manyal Palace

Parks and gardens in CairoEdit

Tahrir Square in the early morning

Public squares in CairoEdit

Religious buildings in CairoEdit

Mosques in Cairo

Mosques in Cairo

Secular buildings in CairoEdit

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Theatres in CairoEdit

Towers in CairoEdit

Demographics of CairoEdit

Demographics of Cairo

Government and politics of CairoEdit

Politics of Cairo

Law and order in CairoEdit

History of CairoEdit

Saladin rex Aegypti, from a 15th-century manuscript
Muhammad Ali Pasha, founder of modern Egypt

History of Cairo

History of Cairo, by period or eventEdit

Timeline of Cairo

History of Cairo, by subjectEdit

Culture of CairoEdit

Modern architecture of Cairo
Cairo Opera House, a landmark in the cultural landscape of Egypt and the Middle East
On the Way between Old and New Cairo, Citadel Mosque of Mohammed Ali, and Tombs of the Mamelukes (1872) by Louis Comfort Tiffany, Brooklyn Museum
Mahmoud Mokhtar's Egypt's Renaissance (1919–1928), Cairo University Gate
Mosque of Ibn Tulun, the oldest mosque in Cairo

Culture of Cairo

Arts in CairoEdit

Architecture of CairoEdit

Cinema of CairoEdit

Music and dance of CairoEdit

Visual arts of CairoEdit

  • Public art in Cairo
    • Egypt's Renaissance

Cuisine of Cairo

Events in Cairo

Languages of Cairo

Media in Cairo

People of Cairo

Religion in CairoEdit

Religion in Cairo

Sports in CairoEdit

Al Ahly team in 2011

Sports in Cairo

Economy and infrastructure of CairoEdit

A major souk in the historic center of Islamic Cairo, Khan el-Khalili
Giza pyramid complex, a most popular tourist attraction

Economy of Cairo

Transportation in CairoEdit

Cairo International Airport, the busiest airport in Egypt

Transport in Cairo

Rail transport in CairoEdit

The Cairo Metro, the first of only two full-fledged metro systems in Africa

Rail transport in Cairo

Education in CairoEdit

Main building of the Cairo University

Education in Cairo

Healthcare in CairoEdit

Healthcare in Cairo

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