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Assam16th largest, 15th most populous and 26th most literate state of the 29 states of the democratic Republic of India. Assam is at 14th position in life expectancy and 8th in female-to-male sex ratio. Assam is the 21st most media exposed states in India. The Economy of Assam is largely agriculture based with 69% of the population engaged in it. Growth rate of Assam's income has not kept pace with that of India's during the Post-British Era; differences increased rapidly since the 1970s.[1] While the Indian economy grew at 6 percent per annum over the period of 1981 to 2000, the same of Assam's grew only by 3.3 percent.[2]


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Aerial view of the Brahmaputra River


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Geography of AssamEdit

Physical geography of Assam

Location of AssamEdit

Environment of AssamEdit

Natural geographic features of AssamEdit

Protected areas of AssamEdit

One horned Indian rhinos gazing at swamp area near Bagori range under Kaziranga National Park in Nagaon district of Assam, India.

Protected areas of Assam – Assam has five national parks (2.51% of State's geographical area) and 18 wildlife sanctuaries (1.88% of State's geographical area, including proposed) wildlife sanctuaries.[3][4][5]

National Parks in AssamEdit
Wildlife sanctuaries in AssamEdit

Administrative divisions of AssamEdit

Divisions of AssamEdit
List of districts along with the district headquartersEdit
Districts of Assam

Districts of Assam – Assam had 27 districts till 15 August 2015 after which the Chief Minister of Assam Tarun Gogoi announced 5 more new districts taking the total no of districts to 32.[6][7] On 8 September 2016, Assam got 33rd district as Majuli (1st river island district of India)

Assam have 78 sub-divisions under 33 districts.

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Demographics of AssamEdit

People of Assam

Population demographicsEdit

District-wise Demographic Characteristics in 2001
Population Growth 
Source:Census of India[8]
The 1981 Census could not be held
in Assam. Total population for 1981
has been worked out by interpolation.

Total population of Assam was 26.66 million with 4.91 million households in 2001.[9]

Religion demographics of AssamEdit

Religion in Assam (2011)[10]

  Hinduism (61.46%)
  Islam (34.22%)
  Christianity (3.73%)
  Buddhism (0.17%)
  Jainism (0.08%)
  Sikhism (0.06%)
  Other or not religious (0.3%)

Religion demographics of Assam – according to the 2011 census, 61.5% were Hindus, 34.22% were Muslims.[10][11] Christian minorities (3.7%) are found among Scheduled Tribe population. Other religions followed include Jainism (0.1%), Buddhism (0.2%), Sikhism (0.1%) and Animism (amongst Khamti, Phake, Aiton etc. communities).

Language demographicsEdit

Languages of Assam in 2001[12][13][14]

  Assamese (48.8%)
  Bengali (27.5%)
  Bodo (4.8%)
  Hindi (5.88%)
  Nepali (2.12%)
  Mishing (1.9%)
  Karbi (1.5%)
  Other (8.5%)

Government and politics of AssamEdit

Politics of Assam

Union government in AssamEdit

Branches of the government of AssamEdit

Government of Assam

Executive branch of the government of AssamEdit

Legislative branch of the government of AssamEdit

Judicial branch of the government of AssamEdit

Law in AssamEdit

Military in AssamEdit

Military of India – the states of India do not have their own militaries. The government of India oversees the defense of the country and its states.

History of AssamEdit

History of Assam

History of Assam, by periodEdit

Prehistoric AssamEdit

Ancient AssamEdit

Medieval AssamEdit

Colonial AssamEdit

Contemporary AssamEdit

History of Assam, by regionEdit

History of Assam, by districtEdit

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Culture of AssamEdit

Culture of Assam

Art in AssamEdit

7th–8th century specimen of Assamese (Kamrupi) literature

Dance of AssamEdit

Literature of AssamEdit

Assamese literature

Music of AssamEdit

Music of Assam

Festivities in AssamEdit

Festivals in AssamEdit

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People of AssamEdit

People of Assam

Notable surnames in AssamEdit

Religion in AssamEdit

Religion in Assam

Hinduism in AssamEdit

Night view of the Sivasagar lake with the three temples of Sivasagar Sivadol (highest temple in India in the middle), Vishnudol and Devidol, on its bank

Hinduism in India

Sports in AssamEdit

Sports in Assam

Symbols of AssamEdit

Symbols of Assam

Economy and infrastructure of AssamEdit

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Health in AssamEdit

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