Outburn is an online publication and print magazine focusing on alternative rock, heavy metal, punk rock, indie rock, and other genres.[1] It presents news on bands, music releases, and events, in-depth interviews, high-quality studio and live photography, and music reviews.[1] As of March 2018, the print magazine has been on hiatus.[2]

EditorRodney Kusano
CategoriesAlternative rock, heavy metal, punk rock
FrequencyBimonthly (five issues per year)
Year founded1996
Final issue2019 (print)
CountryThousand Oaks, California, United States
LanguageAmerican English


Outburn is an independently owned music magazine and online website. Founded in 1996 by Rodney Kusano, Outburn grew from a DIY fanzine into a recognized and respected music publication.

publisher + editor + creative director: Rodney Kusano

editor + director of online and social media: Jeremy Saffer

writers: Konstantina Buhalis, Brian Campbell, Joe Daly, Dominique D’Costa, Anabel DFlux, Anthony Frisketti, Stephanie Jensen, Nathan Katsiaficas, Jameson Ketchem, Jon Krieger, George Pacheco, Kelley Simms, Kevin Stewart-Panko, Jeff Treppel

photographers: Anabel DFlux, Anthony Frisketti, Ashley Holley, Nathan Katsiaficas, Jeremy Saffer


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