Our Russia. The Balls of Fate

Our Russia. Balls of Fate (Russian: Наша Russia. Яйца судьбы, romanizedNasha Russia. Yaitsa sudby) is a 2010 Russian comedy film directed by Gleb Orlov and Maksim Pezhemsky and starring Sergey Svetlakov, Mikhail Galustyan, Valeriy Magdiash and Viktor Verzhbitsky. It is based on the sketch-comedy series Our Russia (which itself is an adaptation of the show Little Britain) and follows most of its characters, mainly gastarbeiters Ravshan (Galustyan) and Dzhamshut (Magdiash) and their boss Leonid (Svetlakov). The film was the highest-grossing film of 2010 in Russia with $22.2 million in ticket sales.[1][2]

Our Russia. The Balls of Fate
Theatrical release poster
Directed byGleb Orlov
Maksim Pezhemsky
Written bySemyon Slepakov
Vyacheslav Dusmukhametov
Alexey Lyaporov
Garik Martirosyan
Produced byArtur Janibekyan
Ruben Dishdishyan
Garik Martirosyan
Semyon Slepakov
Alexander Dulerayn
StarringSergei Svetlakov
Mikhail Galustyan
Valeriy Magdiash
Viktor Verzhbitsky
Music byPavel Volya
DJ Groove
Central Partnership
Comedy Club Production
Release date
  • 21 January 2010 (2010-01-21)
Running time
85 minutes
Budget2 million dollars
Box office22 212 223 dollars

Plot edit

The story begins with Viktor Marianovich Ryabushkin, the richest billionaire in Moscow. He had the Golden Balls of Genghis Khan, which brought him wealth and power. He would show them to his family and friends but after that, he killed them so that they would not tell anyone his secret. After he murdered them all, he decided to make repairs since the traces of bullets damaged the walls in the house. Brigadier Leonid receives an order to repair the apartment.

Ravshan and Dzhamshut again come to Moscow for repairs in Marjanovic's apartment. Once there, migrant workers tear down and ruin expensive interior items and find the hiding place with the Golden Balls of Genghis Khan. Hearing on the TV about an accident with a minibus, they think that their boss is in trouble and start looking for him around the city. They manage to lose his money in a lottery, but having stolen a car from the casino, they visit the corporation of another oligarch, Oleg Robertovich, and destroy the career of Nikolai Baskov. Later they came to the Sklifosovsky Institute, bury the skeleton with the chief's clothes and fight against the "zombie boss", defeat Victor Marjanovich, get the Balls of Fate and return.

Cast edit

  • Sergei Svetlakov - Leonid, "boss" / Ivan Dulin the gay / Siphon the homeless / Slavik the teenager / Snezhana Denisovna the teacher / Inspector of the traffic police Laptev / Sergei Yuryevich Belyakov
  • Mikhail Galustyan - Ravshan / Beard the homeless / Dimon the teenager / Alyona
  • Valeriy Magdiash - Jamshut
  • Viktor Verzhbitsky - Victor Marjanovich Ryabushkin
  • Alexander Semchev - Bison

Tajikistan ban edit

The film is banned in Tajikistan.[3][4]

References edit

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