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Our Land (Ukrainian: Наш край) is a political party in Ukraine.

Since the 17 July 2016 constituency by-elections the party is represented by one of its members in the Ukrainian parliament.[1] In the October 2015 Ukrainian local elections the party was one of the winners.[2]



The party was established/registered on 23 August 2011 as "Block Party".[3][4]

The party did not participate in the 2012 Ukrainian parliamentary elections;[5] or the 2014 Ukrainian parliamentary elections.[6]

On 20 December 2014, the party changed its name to "Our Land".[4]

By the summer of 2015 the majority of representatives of the party changed dramatically, encompassing individuals who still in 2014 were members of the Party of Regions.[7][8] "Our Land" claimed in September 2015 that 62 mayors had joined the party,[7] including the mayors of Mykolaiv, Chernihiv and Mariupol.[3] Another known member of the party is member of the Ukrainian parliament (for Kharkiv) Oleksandr Feldman, who joined the party in August 2015.[9]

The party was one of the winners of the October 2015 Ukrainian local elections.[2] During these elections the party had 5.000 candidates on the various election lists.[3] Former head of the Kiev City State Administration Volodymyr Makeyenko was the party's candidate for Mayor of Kiev.[10] He did not survive the first round of the Mayoral election.[11][12][13]

During 17 July 2016 by-elections the party won its first seat in the Ukrainian parliament.[1]

Ideology and political positionsEdit

The party claims its main interest is "defense of the interests of local communities" and claims this is necessary because "the central government takes into account the interests of the community last".[3]

The party's ideology de-emphasizes nationalism and focuses on self-identification with local-government at the expense of national politics.[citation needed]


The party is headed by five party leaders all of which were members of Party of Regions until 2014 Oleksandr Mazurchak, Oleksandr Feldman, Yuriy Hranaturov, Anton Kisse, and Serhiy Kaltsev.

The political council of the party: Yuri Granaturov, Kaltsev Sergey, Kisse Anton, Mazurchak Alexander, Oleksandr Feldman (Co-founders of the Party), Volodymyr Makeyenko (International Relations Coordinator), Telehuzov Valentin, Kravchuk Svyatoslav, Sergey Tretyakov, Vladimir Deboy, Gromovyi Anton, Kaltsev Vladimir, Vladimir Udovichenko, Tabalov Andrey, Sergey Shakhov, Homjak Miroslav, Kormyshkin Yuriy, Bulyuk Vitaly, Demchyshyn Vasily, Romaniuk Nikolai, Cherednik Olga, Anatoliy Fedorchuk, Tatiana Tymochko.

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