Ech Chaïba

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Ouled Rahma is a town and commune in Biskra Province, Algeria.

Ech Chaïba


Ouled Rahma
Commune and town
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Ouled Rahma
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Ech Chaïba is located in Algeria
Ech Chaïba
Ech Chaïba
Coordinates: 34°30′0″N 4°33′0″E / 34.50000°N 4.55000°E / 34.50000; 4.55000
Country Algeria
ProvinceBiskra Province
Time zoneUTC+1 (CET)


Coordinates: 34°50′27″N 4°55′20″E / 34.84083°N 4.92222°E / 34.84083; 4.92222