Oued Zenati

Oued Zenati is a town and commune in Guelma Province, Algeria. According to the 1998 census it had a population of 27,254 which progressed to reach 55,000 in 2010.[1]

Oued Zenati
Commune and town
Oued Zenati واد الزناتي.jpg
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Country Algeria
ProvinceGuelma Province
 • Total32,870
Time zoneUTC+1 (CET)


During the Numidian era, the region was highly cultivated and protected by military points spread all over the place, still present today.[2][3]


It is located 40 km (to the West) from Guelma, 110 km of Annaba and 70 km from Constantine. Oued Zenati is also the name of a river in the commune. The village has an agricultural vocation, very poor industrially.

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Coordinates: 36°19′N 7°10′E / 36.317°N 7.167°E / 36.317; 7.167