Ottavio Profeta

Ottavio Profeta (October 10, 1890 – November 23, 1963) was an Italian poet.


Ottavio Profeta was born in Aidone, Italy on October 10, 1890, to Franco and Adele Piazza. After earning a university degree in law and a short public job in Catania, Sicily, he befriended Giovanni Verga, Luigi Capuana and Luigi Pirandello, and followed their lead in artistically representing the fall of romantic illusions, with a focus on "losers", the poor, and the middle-class, which he viewed as trapped between desperation and disillusionment. He died in Mascalucia in 1963.

Published worksEdit

  • L'amante dell'amore
  • Nascere
  • Odia il prossimo tuo
  • Sicilia Favola vera