Ottaviano de' Medici (b. 1957)

Prince Ottaviano de' Medici Ottaviano di Toscana aka Ottaviano de' Medici di Toscana di Ottajano (b. 1957) is an Italian noble and member of the Ottajano branch of the House of Medici. He is the president of the Associazione Internationale Medicae (International Medici Association) and one of the founders of Save Florence, an initiative to conserve the cultural heritage of the city of Florence.[1][2][3][4]

Family originsEdit

Ottaviano's branch of the House of Medici is descended from Ottaviano de' Medici, the Gonfaloniere di Giustizia and father of Pope Leo XI and his wife Francesca Salviati.[5]

Marriage and issueEdit

  • Cosimo Maria de' Medici - born in 1991
  • Guglielmo de' Medici - born in 1992

Published worksEdit

  • Ottaviano de' Medici di Toscana di Ottajano, Storia della mia dinastia, Polistampa 2001.

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