Otoyol 2 (English: Motorway 2), abbreviated as O-2, locally referred to as 2. Çevreyolu[1] (English: The Second Beltway), is a motorway in Istanbul, Turkey that forms the outer ring road of the city connecting European and Asian parts via the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge.

O-2 shield}}
Otoyol 2
The Second Beltway
2. Çevreyolu
Route information
Part of E 80 AH1 and AH5
Length38 km (24 mi)
RestrictionsNo through trucks or buses allowed on the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge
Major junctions
West end O-3 in Mahmutbey, Istanbul
East end D.100 in Kozyatağı, Istanbul
ProvincesIstanbul Province
Major citiesIstanbul
Highway system
Motorways in Turkey
O-1 O-3

It starts in Mahmutbey East on the European part, where the Avrupa Otoyolu (English: Europe Motorway) O-3 links, runs through the northern outskirts of the city passing over the Bosporus Strait, and terminates at the western end of the Anadolu Otoyolu (English: Anatolia Motorway) O-4, before the toll plaza is situated. Otoyol 2 is toll-free, however the Fatih Sultan Bridge is a toll bridge in the eastward direction only, having its toll plaza at the European side. O-2 is connected via three feeder highways to İstanbul 1. Çevreyolu (First Beltway) O-1 and one highway to Avrupa Otoyolu (Europe Motorway). As the connecting highway of the motorways O-3 and O-4, it is part of the international routes European E 80 and Asian AH1.

Otoyol 2
District Km Mi Exit No. Destinations Notes
Bağcilar 0.0 0.0 AB-Kreuz-grün.svg K19
O-3 E 80-Fatih, Edirne
Bağcilar 2.2 1.4 AB-AS-grün.svgK1 Fetih Cd. No west bound entrance
Esenler 3.8 2.4 AB-AS-grün.svg K2 Metris/Esenler Connector- O-3
Esenler 4.2 2.6 AB-AS-grün.svgK3 Eski Edirne Asf.-Arnavutköy
Gaziosmanpasa 7.3 4.5 AB-AS-grün.svg K4 Hekimsuyu Cd.
Eyüp 11.5 7.1 AB-Kreuz-blaugrün.svg K5 D 020.png-Hasdal,Kemerburgaz
Eyüp 12.6 7.8 AB-Kreuz-blaugrün.svg K6 Hasdal/Okmeydaı Connector- O-1
Şişli 16.0 9.9 AB-AS-grün.svg K7 Büyükdere Cd. West bound entrance and east bound exit only
Beşiktaş 16.6 10.3 AB-Tunnel.svg Harp Akademileri Tunnel[2]
456 m (1,496 ft)
Sarıyer 18.1 11.2 AB-AS-grün.svgK8 Levent 1 Connector- Levent, Etiler and Baltalimanı East bound entrance and west bound exit only
Sarıyer 18.8 11.7 AB-AS-grün.svgK9 Cengiz Topel Cd.
Sarıyer 19.2 11.9 Péage - paiement.png Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge Toll Plaza
Electronic toll payment only.
₺7.00 toll
20.5 12.7 AB-Brücke.svg Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge
1,510 m (4,950 ft)
Beykoz 23.6 14.7 AB-AS-grün.svg K7 Yeni Riva Yolu- Beykoz, Çayağzı, Riva and Anadoluhisarı
Ümraniye 28.6 17.8 AB-Kreuz-grün.svg K8 O-2/O6 Connector- O-6 otoyolu.png
Ümraniye 30.9 19.2 AB-Kreuz-blaugrün.svg K9 D 020.png-Üsküdar, Çekmeköy, Sarıgazi, Sultanbeyli and Şile
Ataşehir 34.7 21.6 AB-Kreuz-grün.svg K10
O-4 otoyolu.png-Üsküdar, Kocaeli, Ankara
Kadıköy 36.2 22.5 AB-AS-grün.svg Halk Cd.
Kadıköy 37.7 23.4 AB-Kreuz-blaugrün.svgK11
D.100-Üsküdar, Kocaeli, Ankara

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  1. ^ Usually colloquially called TEM yolu or TEM in Turkish—which refers to Trans-European Motorway.
  2. ^ "Turkey". World's Longest Tunnels. Retrieved March 22, 2009.

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