Other Dimensions In Music

Other Dimensions In Music is a free jazz group founded in the 1980s.[1][2]

Other Dimensions In Music
GenresFree jazz
Years active1981 (1981)–present

The group is a collective quartet composed of trumpeter Roy Campbell, multi-instrumentalist Daniel Carter, bassist William Parker and drummer Rashid Bakr. Campbell, Parker and Bakr began working together as members of Jemeel Moondoc‘s group Muntu. Other Dimensions In Music came into existence when Carter joined them in 1981.[3] Their third album, Time is of the Essence is Beyond Time is a live collaboration with pianist Matthew Shipp. On their next recording, Live at the Sunset, drummer Hamid Drake replaces Bakr. Kaiso Stories finds the quartet backing vocalist Fay Victor.

The group's music is entirely improvised but is generally more melodic than some listeners expect from free jazz.


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