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Otakar Hostinský.

Otakar Hostinský (2 January 1847, Martiněves (near Litoměřice) – 19 January 1910, Prague) was a Czech historian, musicologist, and professor of musical aesthetics. He is known primarily for his support of composer Bedřich Smetana and his contributions to Czech aesthetic theory, which influenced many cultural figures in early twentieth-century Prague, including Zdeněk Nejedlý, Otakar Zich, and Vladimír Helfert. He also wrote the opera librettos to Zdeněk Fibich's masterpiece, The Bride of Messina, and Josef Rozkošný's Cinderella.


Selected writingsEdit

(German titles given in the original; Czech titles translated into English)

  • Art and Nationality, 1869
  • Wagnerianism and Czech National Identity, 1870
  • On "Program" Music, 1873
  • Das Musikalisch-Schöne und das Gesamtkunstwerk vom Standpunkte der formalen Aesthetik, 1877
  • On the Contemporary State and Direction of Czech Music, 1880
  • On Czech Musical Declamation, 1882
  • On Melodrama, 1885
  • A Brief Overview of the History of Music, 1885
  • On Artistic Realism, 1890
  • Herbarts Aesthetik, 1891
  • Volkslied und Tanz der Slaven, 1893
  • On Progress in Art, 1894
  • On Folksong, 1897
  • On Experimental Aesthetics, 1900
  • B. Smetana and his Struggle for Modern Czech Music, 1901
  • On the Socialization of Art, 1903
  • Art and Society, 1907
  • Czech Music, 1864-1904, 1909