Oscar Bronner

Oscar Bronner (born 14 January 1943) is an Austrian newspaper publisher and painter.

Oscar Bronner
Oscar Bronner Viennale 2013 Gartenbaukino.jpg
Oscar Bronner (2013)
Born (1943-01-14) 14 January 1943 (age 79)
OccupationPublisher and painter
Years active1970s–present


Bronner was born in Haifa, Mandatory Palestine, on 14 January 1943. He is the eldest son of Austrian cabaret artist Gerhard Bronner. In 1948, at the age of five, he returned with his father to Austria. In 1970 Bronner launched the monthly economic journal trend and news magazine profil.[1][2] In 1974 trend and profil were sold and Bronner emigrated to New York, where he lived as a painter, having several exhibitions both in Europe and America.[3] He returned to Vienna in 1986 and in 1988 he founded the national daily newspaper Der Standard, of which he remains publisher.[2][4]

In 2008, Austrian journalists Klaus Stimeder and Eva Weissenberger wrote a biography on Bronner called Trotzdem - Die Oscar Bronner Story. The book was published in English under the title Despite Everything - The Oscar Bronner Story.[1]


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