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Oscar or OSCAR may refer to:


  • Oscar (given name), an Irish- and English-language name also used in other languages; the article includes the names Oskar, Oskari, Oszkár, Óscar, and other forms.
  • Oscar (Irish mythology), legendary figure, son of Oisín and grandson of Finn mac Cumhall



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  • Oscars, another name for the Academy Awards, and the awarded statue, an Oscar


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Technology and transportEdit

  • OSC OSCar, a synthesizer manufactured by the Oxford Synthesizer Company
  • OScar, a project aiming to design an open source vehicle
  • OSCAR (Orbital Satellite Carrying Amateur Radio), an artificial satellite built and used by amateur radio operators for use in the amateur-satellite service
  • MSC Oscar, container ship
  • Outer Suburban CAR, a name for NSW TrainLink H set, a type of electric train in Australia


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  • Oskar, a gene required for the development of the Drosophila embryo