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Osaka Pro Wrestling

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Osaka Pro Wrestling is a Japanese professional wrestling promotion, founded in 1998 by Super Delfin. The promotion held a major flagship event called the Osaka Hurricane each year from 2003 to 2012 and also hosted the fourth edition of the Super J-Cup in 2004, which was the second edition of Osaka Hurricane. In 2010 Osaka Pro started a close working relationship with American promotion Chikara.

Osaka Pro Wrestling
Lucha libre
Professional wrestling
HeadquartersOsaka, Japan
Founder(s)Super Delfin

On March 1, 2014, Osaka Pro announced that it would fold on April 20, 2014, due to financial difficulties, after which all of its wrestlers would become freelancers.[1] Osaka Pro later announced that the promotion would continue under new president Yuji Sakagami and wrestlers Kuishinbo Kamen and Takoyakida. The new Osaka Pro Wrestling lost many of the old one's key wrestlers as well as their home base of Nasci Hall Umeda, forcing them to employ a new tour format.[2]


  • Caramel Boy
  • Ebessan (III) (Freelancer)
  • Gamma (Freelancer)
  • Golden Dragon
  • Hiroaki Moriya
  • HUB (Freelancer)
  • Johnel Sanders (Freelancer)
  • Kaiju New World
  • Kuishinbo Kamen
  • Kushikatsu Oyaji
  • Magnitude Kishiwada (Freelancer)
  • Night Cooper Hiroshi
  • Okonomiyakida
  • Tadasuke (Freelancer)
  • Takoyakida
  • Tigers Mask (II)
  • Tsubasa (Freelancer)
  • Ultimate Spider J
  • Yutaka (Freelancer)
  • Robbie Wolf

Notable alumniEdit


  • Yuji Sakagami (President)