Oru Nodiyil

Oru Nodiyil (transl. In a second) is a 2016 Indian horror comedy film directed by Chowdhry. The film stars newcomer Madan, Srushti Dange, and Tapashree in the lead roles. The film was simultaneously shot in Tamil and Telugu as Parvathipuram.[1]

Oru Nodiyil
Directed byM.A. Chowdary
Produced byK. Koteswara Rao
Nallu Venkata Suresh
Written byGaktha Chalam (Telugu dialogues)
Screenplay byM.A. Chowdary
Story byArjun Sai
Music byShayak Parveez
CinematographyMahi Sharlla
Edited bySatya
Eldandi Raju
Sai Srinivas
Nakshatara Entertainments
Akaar Productions
Release date
  • 22 April 2016 (2016-04-22)
  • 10 June 2016 (2016-06-10)
Running time
140 minutes (Tamil)
92 minutes (Telugu)


Madan, a renowned television reporter, and Rupa are hired by the KTV News Channel head to work together. While working together, they unravel the mystery of Parvathipuram, a mysterious village where anybody who went there for the last five hundred years had been killed. One fine day, while investigating Parvathipuram, Rupa dies and Madan is suspected to have killed her by the media and the CBI. Madan goes to the police and CBI officer to clarify what actually happened. Madan is sent to meet "Anna", a don who is also interested in Parvathipuram. While meeting him, Madan learns of Shruti, a television reporter from Mumbai who Anna uses as a glamour girl. Madan and Shruti learn about the history of Parvathipuram while with Anna. There was a king, Dumaketu Varman, his younger brother, Vijayendra Varma, and Vijeyendra's daughters Koushik Devi and Chanikiya Devi. Dumaketu communicated with evil spirits and is the reason for all of the mishaps in the village. Anna, Madan, and Shruti all go to Parvathipuram. After they thought that they solved the mystery of the village, Madan is killed by evil spirits setting up the stage for a possible sequel.


  • Madan as Madan
  • Srushti Dange as Shruti
  • Tapashree as Rupa
  • Kushi Sharma as Koushik Devi
  • Leena David as Chanikiya Devi
  • Anandaraj as Anna
  • Satya Prakash as Dumaketu Varman
  • Scissor Manohar as the Dirty Guest House owner
  • Thagubothu Ramesh as Madan's friend
  • Dhanraj as Madan's friend
  • Taarjan
  • Manimalan
  • Vijayan
  • Jeeva
  • Selvan
  • Raghu
  • Peter
  • Prudhvi as the KTV News Channel head
  • Apoorva Siva
  • Allari Subhashini as Ranganayaki
  • Thagubothu Bhaskar
  • Chalapathi Rao as CBI officer
  • Nalla Venu as MLA's assistant
  • Mounam Ravi
  • Trushti Panday


The film is about an evil spirit that dwelled in a village for over five hundred years and kills anybody who enters the village.[2] Madan, Srushti Dange, Tapashree, and Kushi were cast in the lead roles.[3] All of the lead cast are newcomers except for Dange.[4] Madan plays a television reporter who attempts to solve the mystery.[5] Dange was chosen for a glamour role.[1] The film heavily uses three dimensional graphics and is a romantic thriller set in the present-day.[3] The film is about an ancient mystery and a similar mystery occurrence recently in Gujarat.[6] The film released after much delay.[4]


The songs are composed by Shayak Parveez.[7][1][5]

Tamil Tracklist
1."Oru Murai Oru Murai"Gayathri, Sri Krishna4:38
2."Vanitha Nava Kavitha"Gayathri, Sri Krishna4:40
3."Silicon Valley Figure"Sahithi4:36
4."Shakti Swaroopini"Lalitha Sagar3:21
5."Mallu Vetti Kaati Kettu"Gayathri4:10
6."Shilpa Soundharyame Naanada"Gayathri5:01
Total length:26:26

All lyrics are written by Jayasurya.

Telugu Tracklist[8]
1."Magasirigala Nelaredu"Sunitha 
2."Simla Apple Naa Pere"Sahithi 
3."Okkasari Okkasari Bhama"Hanuma, Farinika 
4."Vanitha Nava Kavitha"Srikrishna, Malavika 
5."Molathadu Kattagane"Geetha Madhuri, Lalitha Sagar 
6."Shakthi Swaroopini"Lalitha Sagar 
Total length:26:27


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