The orthothecids are one of the two hyolith orders.[2]

Temporal range: Early Cambrian – Early Devonian[1]
Scientific classification e
Kingdom: Animalia
Clade: Lophophorata
Clade: Brachiozoa
Class: Hyolitha
Order: Orthothecida
Marek, 1966

Marek diagnoses the order thus: Conchs with a flat or concave ventral surface — opercula with large, flat cardinal processes but without clavicles – tightly sigmoidal, sediment-filled intestine – helens absent.

Sometimes the Circothecidae and Tetrathecidae are split out into a separate order 'Circothecida', which is defined by the bottom surface not being flat, the cardinal processes being pronounced, and a circular rim sometimes showing hints of differentiation into clavicles.[3]

Internal taxonomyEdit

Marek [4] gives the following diagnoses:

  • Orthothecidae: Flat or concave bottom surface of conical shell. Transverse aperture.

Kouchinsky[5] lists the following taxonomic criteria:

  • Circothecidae: circular cross-section; same shape and sculpture on upper and lower surfaces.
  • Turcurthecidae: oval or lenticular cross-section; top and bottom identical
  • Allathecidae: top side flat or slightly convex; bottom side convex

Elsewhere[6]:243 is stated:

Additional genera are not assigned to a family:


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