Oriens Christianus

Oriens Christianus (English: "Christian East") is an academic journal established in 1901 by Otto Harrassowitz with Asian and oriental studies as the major focus.[1][2] It was edited by Anton Baumstark (1872-1948).[3] The current editors-in-chief are Hubert Kaufhold (Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich) and Manfred Kropp (University of Mainz).

Oriens Christianus
DisciplineEastern Christianity
LanguageEnglish, French, German
Edited byHubert Kaufhold, Manfred Kropp
Publication details
Standard abbreviations
ISO 4Oriens Christ.
OCLC no.1642167

Its domain is Christianity in the Middle East from Georgia and Armenia to Ethiopia and Asian Christian communities as far as India and China. According to the founder of the program, all elements of the spiritual and material culture of the Christian communities of the East can be addressed. The journal publishes background articles, minutes of reading, but also source-texts in the various languages of Eastern Christendom. Articles can be written in different languages.

The review was led until 1941 (with brief interruptions) by its founder Carl Anton Baumstark, who has published 140 feature articles and 145 book reviews accounts.


  1. ^ The original subtitle was "Römische Halbjahr Hefte für die Kunde des christlichen Orients ', which later became simply" Hefte für die Kunde des christlichen Orients'.
  2. ^ It was founded January 25, 1876 to mark the hundredth anniversary of the birth of writer and Catholic historian Joseph Görres, in his hometown. There has been a Görres Institute in Rome since 1887.
  3. ^ S. P. Brock (1973). "Reviews". The Journal of Theological Studies. XXIV (1): 237–238. doi:10.1093/jts/XXIV.1.237.

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