Oregon Route 36 is an Oregon state highway that runs between the city of Mapleton in the Oregon Coast Range, and the city of Junction City in the Willamette Valley. OR 36 traverses the Mapleton–Junction City Highway No. 229 of the Oregon state highway system.[2] The entire route of the highway is located within Lane County.

Oregon Route 36 marker

Oregon Route 36

Route 36 highlighted in red
Route information
Maintained by ODOT
Length51.58 mi[1] (83.01 km)
Mapleton–Junction City Highway No. 229
Major junctions
West end OR 126 in Mapleton
East end OR 99 near Junction City
CountryUnited States
Highway system
OR 35 OR 37

Route description


The western terminus of Oregon Route 36 is a junction with Oregon Route 126 in Mapleton. From Mapleton, the route heads due north through the Coast Range, then heads due east, following the course of the Siuslaw River. At the community of Swisshome it departs from the river, passing through the communities of Deadwood and Greenleaf, Triangle Lake, Blachly and Low Pass. As it emerges from the mountains, it passes through the Alderwood State Wayside, and descends into the Willamette Valley. It then passes through the communities of Goldson and Cheshire before ending just south of Junction City at an intersection with Oregon Route 99.



The highway was originally part of U.S. Route 28 and was the primary route between the Oregon Coast and the Eugene area; however, because of its winding nature, it was not suitable for high volumes of traffic. The commercial importance of the highway diminished greatly when a more direct route between Mapleton and Eugene—the present day alignment of Oregon Route 126—was constructed.

Major intersections


Milepoints are as reported by ODOT and do not necessarily reflect current mileage. Z indicates overlapping mileage due to construction longer than established route, and – indicates negative mileage behind established beginning point.[3] Segments that are locally maintained may be omitted. For routes traversing multiple named state highways, each milepoint is preceded by the corresponding state highway number. The entire route is in Lane County. [1]

0.01  OR 126 – Veneta, Eugene, Florence
33.30Low Pass summit, elevation 1,022 feet (312 m)
Burp Hollow37.86Long Tom River
38.39Long Tom River
45.95Territorial Highway (OR 200 south) – Elmira, VenetaWestern end of concurrency with OR 200
Cheshire47.41Territorial Highway (OR 200 north)Eastern end of concurrency with OR 200
47.81Long Tom River
51.59  OR 99 – Junction City, Eugene
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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