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Oregon City-class cruiser

The Oregon City class was a class of heavy cruisers of the United States Navy. Although it was intended to build ten, only four were completed – one of those as a command ship. The three ships completed as cruisers were in commission from 1946 to 1970.

USS Oregon City (CA-122) underway at sea on 17 June 1946 (80-G-262557).jpg
USS Oregon City (CA-122)
Class overview
Name: Oregon City-class cruiser
Builders: Bethlehem Steel Corporation, Fore River Shipyard
Operators: Flag of the United States (1912-1959).svg United States Navy
Preceded by: Baltimore class
Succeeded by: Des Moines class
In commission: 1946–70[note 1]
Planned: 10
Completed: 4 (1 completed as a command ship USS Northampton (CLC-1)
Cancelled: 6
General characteristics
Type: Heavy cruiser
Displacement: 13,260 long-tons (standard)
Length: 673 ft 5 in (205.26 m)
Beam: 70 ft 10 in (21.59 m)
Draft: 26 ft 4 in (8.03 m)
Propulsion: General Electric steam turbines turning 120,000 hp (89,000 kW)
Speed: 32.4 knots (60.0 km/h; 37.3 mph)
Complement: 1,142 officers and enlisted
Aircraft carried: Four amphibious scout planes

Design and developmentEdit

The Oregon City-class cruisers were a modified version of the previous Baltimore-class design; the main difference was a more compact pyramidal superstructure with single trunked funnel, intended to improve the arcs of fire of the anti-aircraft (AA) guns. The same type of modification also differentiated the Cleveland and Fargo classes of light cruisers.[1]


Ten ships were authorized for the class with three being completed and the fourth suspended during construction. The final six ships were cancelled, five after being laid down.[2] Construction on the incomplete fourth ship was resumed in 1948 and the ship served as a command ship Northampton (CLC-1). All three completed cruisers were commissioned in 1946. Oregon City was decommissioned after only 22 months of service, one of the shortest active careers of any World War II-era cruiser. Albany was later converted into a guided missile ship, becoming the lead ship of the Albany class and served until 1980. A similar conversion was planned for Rochester but was cancelled.

Ships in classEdit

Ships in class[2]
Name Hull Number Builder Laid down Launched Commissioned/
Decommissioned Fate
Oregon City CA-122 Bethlehem Steel Corporation, Fore River Shipyard, Quincy, Massachusetts 8 April 1944 9 June 1945 16 February 1946 15 December 1947 Struck 1 November 1970; Sold for scrap, 17 August 1973
Albany CA-123 6 Mar 1944 11 Jun 1945 15 June 1946 30 June 1958 Converted to Guided Missile Cruiser[3] Struck 30 June 1985; Sold for scrap, 12 August 1990
CG-10 3 November 1962 29 August 1980
Rochester CA-124 29 May 1944 28 August 1945 20 December 1946 15 August 1961 Struck 1 October 1973; Sold for scrap, 24 September 1974
Northampton CA-125 31 August 1944 27 January 1951 7 March 1953 8 April 1970 Converted to command ship during construction – Struck and sold for scrap, 31 Dec 1977
Cambridge CA-126 16 December 1944 N/A Cancelled 12 August 1945 and scrapped on slip
Bridgeport CA-127 13 January 1945 Cancelled 12 August 1945 and scrapped on slip
Kansas City CA-128 9 July 1945 Cancelled 12 August 1945 and scrapped on slip
Tulsa CA-129 N/A Cancelled 12 August 1945
Norfolk CA-137 Philadelphia Naval Shipyard 27 December 1944 Cancelled 12 August 1945 and scrapped on slip
Scranton CA-138 27 December 1944 Cancelled 12 August 1945 and scrapped on slip

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  1. ^ Albany was converted to a guided missile cruiser and as such was in commission from 1962–1980, but this was a totally different class of ship to a heavy cruiser. Northampton was decommissioned in 1970 as the last of the Oregon City class "gun cruisers".


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